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The Jubilee Year has been called “Event of Exceptional Public Interest”. Like every Holy Year, the Government of Cantabria organizes a series of religious and cultural activities, aimed at highlighting the historical, social, political and religious importance of the Liébana region, with the Santo Toribio Monastery as the central point
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The Monastery of Santo Toribio is, together with Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem, one of the four holy places in Christianity as it houses the Lignum Crucis, which is the largest piece of the Cross of Jesus. In this Monastery the Jubilee is celebrated in perpetuum since the Middle Ages.


During the Jubilee year, "The Door of Forgiveness" is kept open so that they can cross it  the thousands of pilgrims and visitors to the Monastery in the Jubilee year. The next Jubilee Year will be from April 16,  2023 until April 16, 2024.

Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana

Each symbolic closing of the Door of Forgiveness does not imply in any case the closing of the doors of the activity until the following Jubilee. In the same way, it does not mean for Liébana the closing of the reception doors, but rather, adding this renewed value to its already numerous resources, it must keep them constantly open for anyone who wishes to get to know this region while enjoying the legacy, the heritage and the values that make this region of Cantabria our "Land of Joy" since it does not have to be a Jubilee Year to make the pilgrimage and live the experience of the Camino Lebaniego to the Monastery of Santo Toribio.

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