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MAR DE JÚBILO is a Navigatio project whose vision is to interpret the coast of Cantabria and more specifically the Bay of Santander as: a natural space  and cultural, with a decided international vocation but with strong roots in local communities: An inspiring place full of energy to receive people who want to get involved in the marine world to improve their lives.  


It also aims to offer the tools for a sustainable lifestyle, which enjoys the pleasure of small moments, a friend of the sea and that values  the surroundings of the bay of Santander as well as the Lebaniego path.

To combine the enjoyment of these little pleasures  and contact with the sea, we offer short trips  with the focus on rowing activities in unique environments. We also select those utensils that can help improve these experiences of nature and that you can find in our store.

We are committed to the consumption of local products and collaborate with associations such as From Farm to Farm in the development of markets that emphasize our tieruca products. 



Mar en calma


Are  a non-profit organization based in Pedreña and Santander whose goals include innovation through the design of models based on participation and integration. Those models are  developed in the field of culture, sports, associations, volunteering and creativity.

To this end, we carry out socio-cultural and sports activities throughout the year.  inspired  in the historical, cultural and natural wealth of our community.


The association is promoted by professionals and entrepreneurs from the city of Santander

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Travel Exploring Cantabria

We are a receptive travel agency from Cantabria. We value  the natural, cultural, gastronomic and landscape heritage of the region to attract the visitor and enjoy a unique and genuine experience when they come to know our land.

In collaboration with AE Navigatio we offer trawler experiences around the bay, as well as group trips to carry out rowing activities in other communities in Spain and abroad.

Puertomadre Ribera Company


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